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After receiving your free lesson the monthly membership fee is £27 payable by Standing Order, Bank Card (£1 surcharge required) The fee is based on 46 weeks of the year spread equally over 12 months allowing for holidays etc.

The monthly membership fee secures the students place and must be paid even if the student misses some lessons, thus creating commitment to the club and their training.

After a month  a student license, which registers the student with the British Combat Association will be required

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Lee Taylor's MKG clubs have been awarded the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts which has been created to give parents and carers peace of mind when searching for martial arts clubs suitable for children or adults in our care.

Funded by the National Lottery, this scheme was launched by the Sports Minister in early 2018 and is delivered through a group of partners and experts in safeguarding such as the Child Protection in Sport Unit (NSPCC) and Sport England.

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